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Prenatal Yoga classes are 75 minutes and incorporate yoga postures, breath work, movement, mindfulness, and birth preparation. At its core asana is one of the best tools you can practice to learn coping skills that are paramount for coping throughout labor and also throughout the challenges of parenthood, and beyond. On a physical level, the asana taught in class is specific to alleviating common pregnancy aches and pains, as well as focusing on creating balance in the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic ligaments. When the body is well aligned, the baby may be better positioned leading to a more functional, speedy birth. Every class is safe for all levels, beginners are encouraged.

What you will need:

-yoga mat
-2 yoga blocks or some height prop (stack of books, shoebox, toddler stool, etc. work)
-yoga bolster (a couch cushion or pillows will work)
-blanket or towel

Can't wait to see you in class!

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If you are interested in private one on one classes, Kristin is available to travel within LA for private sessions in your home or over Zoom. Inquire for price details and packages.

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