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Brave: How do you depict the indescribable transformation that takes place as a woman or birthing person prepares to enter the space of birth, endures the biggest experience of their life, and comes out as a parent? Bravery. Whether you realize it yet or not, you are brave and have so much power to utilize as you move through this journey. My aim is to carefully help you to tap into those personal strengths to prepare for a healthy, positive, empowering birth experience. Coping tools, birth education, confidence building, and enhancing the connection to your baby and your body are woven into Prenatal Yoga classes. Live Childbirth Education classes cover all you and your partner need to know about pregnancy, birth, coping, being supportive throughout labor, navigating postpartum and more. The interactive platform ensures you will gain the information and skills YOU want. 

New Birth: So much has changed in our world recently. Preparing for birth and bringing a new life into the world has never had as many unknowns. As a nurse working in the hospital with new parents going through this transformative process- pandemic and all, trust me, I get it. Nursing throughout 2020 made me realize now more than ever how important reliable, supportive birth and parenthood education is to help you prepare for those unknowns. You deserve to feel ready to face the journey with confidence and excitement! Through the interactive platform of Zoom, it allows us to connect personally and cover everything YOU want to know, as well as receive up to date evidence based information you can trust. I can’t wait to support you on this journey! It’s truly my favorite aspect of what I do.

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