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Kristin M. Huie RN BSN, RN-C, RYT

I am a childbirth educator and labor and a delivery nurse in Los Angeles, although I am from Connecticut originally. I have been a labor and birth nurse for 10 years and love what I do. I am so passionate about the labor, birth, and postpartum journey that is unique to every individual and couple, and recognize it as a privilege to play a role in this journey for so many people. I have been a part of over 3,000 births and every single one is special. There’s nothing else like it. 

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Quinnipiac University and have worked in 4 states and 9 different hospitals spending 3 years as a travel nurse experiencing hospital births in many different settings from inner cities to the back country of Hawaii. I've been privileged to spend the majority of my career in Magnet Designated institutions like Yale, Cedars Siani, and most recently Huntington Memorial. I settled in LA in 2017, became addicted to West Coast sunsets and perfect weather, got married, and have been here ever since. (Fun fact: my cat traveled with me to every one of those states and new locations. I wouldn't recommend a cat as a travel companion but she was a champ throughout all the adventures!)

I started teaching Childbirth Education in 2018 and absolutely love teaching! I received my specialty certification for Obstetric Nursing in 2017 through the NCC. I’ve also had extensive formal training in breastfeeding although I am not a Lactation Consultant. 

Yoga is my passion. My love for the practice began right around the time I graduated college and came upon a studio called the Breathing Room. I loved how accepting the community was and the way it trained me to focus on pranayama (breathing) to carry me through class. I delved into a 30 day sadhana challenge and a few years later followed one of my teachers back to her native home in the Himalayas to deeper expand my understanding of the practice.  I went on to complete my 200 hr yoga teaching certification in 2017 through the Yoga Alliance at SoHo Yoga in Hermosa Beach, CA. In 2020 I completed an 85 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. 

Acceptance, non-judgement, and genuine compassion for all individuals are some of my core values. It is always my goal to empower and uphold dignity and respect for every individual across all spectrums of race, culture, sexual orientation, beliefs, gender identity, and birth preferences. 

When I am not taking care of pregnant people, attending births, or washing amniotic fluid off of my scrubs (no biggie!) I am experimenting in the kitchen with plant-based recipes, practicing yoga at home, planning my next travel adventures, hiking, going for long walks, hanging out with my two cats and awesome husband, facetiming, and reading. 

I would love to connect with you and encourage you to reach out with any questions or if you’re deciding if it’s the right fit for your prenatal yoga, birth preparation and beyond. I hope to see your face in class and get to know you! Stay well. 


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